Women and young people’s awareness initiative (WAYAI) is a non-political, non-governmental. non-religious and non-profit-making charitable organization which works to promote the welfare of women, children and youths (especially the girl child and female youth).
WAYAI was initially registered with the government of cross river state, Nigeria prior to it becoming an incorporated trustee (NGO).

Concerned about the growing problems of human right abuses suffered by women, children and youths (who are more vulnerable to these abuses), a group of ten persons’ drawn from ten different disciplines came together in June,2007 to establish WAYAI.

A society where human dignity, enhanced access to justice and gender mainstreaming will be maximally enjoyed by women, children and the youths.

Actualizing the legal rights, gender equity and welfare of women, Children and youths through mobilization, sensitization and the provision of legal and other support services.


  1. To promote the human rights of women and young women and to create public awareness on human rights and in particular the rights of women.
  2. To support women and young people in difficult circumstances by offering legal and material aids.
  3. To create and promote awareness on gender, good leadership through sensitization and benightment campaigns using multimedia approach.
  4. Engage in advocacy particularly legislative advocacy to influence laws and policies that concern women and human rights in general.
  5. To promote women’s access to and improve their participation in power structures and decision-making bodies.
  6. To stimulate and motivate women in the grassroots to achieve a better and higher standard of living through income generation.
  7. Network with civil society organizations nationally and internationally to share information and experience in the area of good leadership, human rights, gender, health and conflict resolution.
  8. Develop appropriate information, education, communication counseling materials for both service providers and project beneficiaries.
  9. Promote safer sex by providing sexual, reproductive health services (clinic) to women and young people.
  10. Conduct and promote research in the field to facilitate community participation in design, implementation of effective, meaningful strategies to protect women and young people from rape, sexual abuse and exploitation, unwanted pregnancies, early/forced marriage, STDs/HIV/AIDS and gender discrimination.
  11. Seek to mobilize men and women towards the elimination of harmful traditional practices that constitute violence, gender bias against women and young females.



There shall be such executive members shall be approved by the general house of WAYAI.

There shall be such patrons/matrons as may be approved by the general house of WAYAI.

There shall be nine members of board of trustees.

Registered WAYAI members, volunteer corps, supporters, networks with other non-governmental, faith and community-based organizations (CBO’S).

WAYAI Operations and support activities for women, children and youths are funded through membership registration fees and dues, levies, gifts, grants, donations and other contributions in cash or in kind from individuals, institutions or agencies.

Barr( Mrs) Ovenaone Jennifer Uniga
Favor Jummai David
Uniga Ador John
Danjuma Kamlen Adda
Felix Ukam Ugwu
Maureen Enna
Comfort Dandina Ibrahim
Dorcas Temlong
Stella Chikaodinaka Duru

CEO- Barr( Mrs) Ovenaone Jennifer Uniga
Secretary- Pst Favor Jummai Dafid
Asst. Sec- Mr Daniel Okpanachi
Publicity Sec. Mrs Maurren Enna
Treasurer- Mrs Martina D. Dogo
Fin Sec- Mr Kubuza Jiduku
Auditor- Mr Peter Onifade
Soc. Welfare- Mrs Prisca Luka Joel

Dr. Ekerete D. Ekanem
Hon. Habila Timothy Anderifun
Pharm Hassan I Utan

Mrs. Victoria Nzeribe